Sly Fly Guy Sticker


...and all the birdies say I'm pretty sly for a fly guy.

You know, it's kind of hard just to get along today. Our subject's not a bee, but he fakes it anyway. He may not have a hive or that four-wing flying style, but his stripes say "Stay Away!" so his foes stay in denial.

So don't debate: when he hovers straight, all other insects better get right out of his way. Pollinate the field, and stay genteel (he works all day, he won't complain!) If you see this mate, know he won't sting your face, and he will help in making all your flowers grow great. The world needs wanna-BEES, hey, hey do that hover thing!

This die-cut vinyl sticker is waterproof, UV-proof, and ready for just about anything.