Festive Deer Holiday Card


Derek didn't know anything about the holidays. Well, nothing except that each year, just after the first big snowfall in the valley, the Big House would light up as if multicolored fireflies perched on to the edge of the roof. Derek knew this couldn't be, because the fireflies had all gone into hibernation for the year, and besides, none of them had green or pink lights when they blinked.

Finally, one year, as Derek crept up to the Big House, he noticed a strand of the strange fireflies-that-were-not-fireflies on the ground, partially buried in a snow bank. Dipping his antlers down to uncover them for a closer view, he accidentally caught them around the lights and the ribbon they were hung with. He tipped his head this way and that, trying to dislodge the strange glowing vine, but they just tangled further, wrapping his antlers in glowing beads of colorful light.

When Derek stood, he could tell that the strand was no longer connected to the Big House, but still glowed on top of his head; he could see the reflection of the lights on the snow. He trotted - trying not to break into a run - to the small pond down back and stopped full in his tracks when he caught a glimpse of himself in the almost-frozen water.

With a shake of his head this way and that to lay the lights and ribbons just so, Derek smiled at his reflection. He wasn't sure what kind of deer he was before, but he definitely knew this was the kind of deer he was going to be now, at least until the multicolored magic wore off.

Cards are size A2, or 5.5 x 4 inches when folded, and comes with an envelope. Blank inside for your own message. Printed right here in the studio.